Gloomy Sunshine

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Before telling my story I have a bit of explaining to do about the picture. I took this one a long time ago. Probably one of my first hundred shots when I started to learn the basics of taking photos. Decided to post this one. It’s a bit reminiscent of the sun’s glare and flare which makes your eyes squint. >.<

Finally, I caught a glimpse of sunshine after a week long of raining. From slight drizzle to heavy downpour, it doesn’t matter I effin’ hate it. That’s the sitch the whole week. Setting aside everything, still, I’m happy with how the weather was today.  My birth month was welcomed with tons of surprises, the good and the bad. First, the rain which I totally hate. Second, the flood accompanied by the latter. Third, the PNA results soon to be released. Fourth, the Deftones concert (Yay!). Lastly, I might have to keep that a secret. It’s such a bummer; you don’t want to know.

I had a lot going on in my thoughts about what to post today. But somehow I forgot them all after a fervent taciturn of events. And yes it’s about the last one on the list. I just have to spare you the details. You have enough drama you don’t want to hear another one.

Life seems to be playing a joke on me lately. It really does have its own way of picking me. Twists and turns. Topsy turvy. Hustle and bustle. Hot. Mess. Cold. Lies.

Cantankerously argumentative,

—=== wicked ===—