Go Multi-Mon!

In PR by Wicked Ying

Are you guys particular with your devices? I do! People who do a lot of stuff online might need the help of an extra monitor since we can’t have an extra set of hands to do all the work. Lol! 😈

Here’s my humble set-up:


I am quite accustomed to using multi-monitors; it means having another set of display aside from your laptop’s. It really does wonders if you ask me. You can do swift maneuvers with your mouse instead of closing a window and opening another one. Would you ever consider trying it out? If you do then let’s start by shopping for monitors! I found one that’s similar to what I’m using. Check out this Samsung 21’5 LED monitor at Kosmos. 


It’s almost the same as the one I’m using in the above set up.

Pretty nifty!

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