Gold Dot’s Holiday Giveaway!

In Shoes by Wicked Ying

Gold Dot’s Holiday Giveaway!


Yep!! No need to squint your eyes, it’s for real! Gold Dot’s giving away gift coupons worth 15 grand!

Feel like sharing with you the good news! How to join?

Click here for the details!

Be sure to join ASAP because the promo ends on December 10!!!

Spread the shoe gospel!!!


Gold Dot recently released its new collection for S/S 2012; did some collabs with who’s who in the industry.

If you’re a big fan of the bongga-ever Karl Leuterio of Inkarlcerating, get his look by wearing these awesome kicks below:

And my personal picks would have to be these:

Kyoooooooot!!! :mrgreen:



Spell awe–some!!

I wish I could own one! 😕

Oh well! Better join the promo, who knows, you might just get lucky this Christmas!


Stay wicked!