Golden Girl

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Golden Girl

Stripe button up sleeveless top, floral skinny belt, and cuff, Forever 21. Gold shorts, Second Shop. Shoes, Topshop. Carryall bag, Mango. Wings ring, Little London.


This might be the only decent photo I have out of all my looks/outfit during our Manila trip. I never regret the time we risked crossing the busy streets just to take photos in this part of Glorietta. Heeee! :mrgreen:

Let me tell you a cool fact about this scenario. We were actually hesitant to take outfit shots here since the place was filled with people . They’re sprawled all over the place so we kind of expected to get yet another unsolicited stares. To our surprise, we got nothing but mere glances. And we’re like “As in??? How cool!”. Lol! :mrgreen:

Hyped over the people’s apathy, we took photos like there’s no tomorrow. I guess that would explain why this post is quite photo heavy. Bear with me, it happens rarely.

My bag’s a bit heavy. Been carrying my camera with me and it feels like it weighs a ton. Damn wide-angle lens (I still love you though)! Haha! 😆

After the outfit shots, we headed straight to SM North to meet up with Tracy and other bloggers for the Forever 21 Opening. Blogged about it here. 

Everyone, meet Tracy of Fashion Fangirl. She’s sooo nice, I like this girl a lot!

My oh-so-happy face because we’re in the shoe section of F21! Eewie! 😕

Bumped into Carl too. You may remember him from the MEGA event. He is Steph’s co-winner. We bloggers have a small world, no?! We see each other out in events. Makes me wonder, what if Steph and I were in Manila?! Oooooh, that’d be fun! 😈  


So that’s about it for today’s post!


Stay wicked!