Goodbye, Nice to Know You

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Look of the Day — This is my Valentine’s Day-ish outfit post. Just in case you’re wondering why, I’m joining the LB is for Lovers contest all for the heck of it. Not really into contests and all, but since a fellow blogger, Kym asked me if I was up for it I couldn’t say no. I think it’s fun. Wala lang, trip lang! 


Black corset, Forever 21. Red cutout blazer, PINKaholic. Metallic shorts, The Second Shop. Red bandage wedges, DAS. Animal print bag, Celine Ph.



The first circumstance that I have come across after agreeing with Kym’s gig is to find me some red clothes. I don’t own a lot. All I have are a couple of red shoes, this red blazer I’m wearing and a red high-low skirt. That’s prolly all the red stuff I own to date. 


No time to pick out accessories. Pssshh! 🙄


I coordinated my outfit based on Kym’s look. Thus, the red blazer. It takes an ton of thinking to make both our outfits somewhat cohesive.


And here’s his look. What do you think?

Now I know we won’t have a shot at winning, but it doesn’t hurt to join in on the whole VDay outfit trend. Red has been the color that’s dominating the outfit-sharing community. If it is because of the Chinese New Year or the VDay galore, I don’t know I could only guess.



Here’s the photobomber queen again. Amber’s always like this! 😉



Obligatory shoe shot again. This particular pair of red kicks is my first purchase from DAS and this baby is turning 1 year old this Valentine’s Day. I bought it because there’s an event before that required a red item in your outfit. So instead of the usual red dress, I added up the key color on my shoesies. Anyhoo, do you like this bag/shoes photo combination? I might have to do this landscape shot often. That way, I won’t have to worry about choosing what to post as cover photo on the site’s homepage. I’m picky like that! 😛



Stay wicked!