Google’s “New Tab” Update

In SEO / SEM / SMM by Wicked Ying

 In my daily routine, first thing I open when I switch on the computer would have to be the Google Chrome browser. All my personal stuff are stacked there, more or less 10 tabs. Took a screenshot so you would have an idea. See photo below, the tabs are numerous!

A little trivia just for the heck of it, I customized the home page with the bokeh photo I took about a year ago. It was the time when I was starting to learn the basics of photography. I got addicted with bokeh since then… 😉

Anyhoo, back to the news! As I flipped it open today, like I usually do for how many months now, I was surprised to see the “new tab” of Google.

I did not really like it at first (and til now!). So I went searching for news/updates about it and yeah it is true! Google’s “new tab” page is said to be designed for users who are suckers for apps and such. They made it “friendlier” for users, blah blah blah…. Too bad I’m not one of them. I DON’T like it! Uhm, I even read that even the Web Store has a new look too.

Social media giants are endlessly updating!! Geeeez!!!

Here’s the screenshot what’s said to be the new tab. See??? It’s so bare. And there’s this arrow thingy which you could switch whether to go to the “apps” page or to the “most visited” page. The “recently closed” part is now at the bottom right. I find it a bummer. I was used to seeing the recently closed tabs arranged below. Clumsy me always gets a few tabs closed without even noticing it. 🙄

 So what do you think of Google’s “new tab” update?

Stay wicked!