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Look of the Day — Cold and rainy. Two words that sum up my typical day.


Stripe pullover, PINKaholic. Studded shorts and booties, Topshop. Black tights, OASAP. Cross earrings, Forever 21.


“Living without you is like TV in black and white
You turned me on and brought color into my life
When I’m around you suddenly I realize
That I was blind before I saw the world with your eyes…”


 I do not have the most exciting stories to share as of late. In fact, I can describe it as being bombarded with yet another series of unfortunate events (on a personal level). I lost my what used to be an insatiable appetite to blog and write. Instead, I find myself scribbling on my customized notebook sharing thoughts and secrets. It’s like a tangible piece of my brain, really.

While I’m not ditching my weather-affects-mood theory, I’ve been adding more and more stressors to my perpetual list of anxiety-inducing people and/or things. Enough about it (I sound absurd already)!


This is what I feel like wearing: snuggly pullovers and tights. Looking forward to wearing such clothes for the cold weather, a getaway is on the works. 😉



I may have been on some sort of constraints but I indulge once in a while by giving myself a little dose of PINKaholic pick-me-upper. The recent collection has broken my no-buying threshold. So be it.


This piece is definitely for keeps anyway.


Hope you like it!



Stay wicked!