Guardiani Heels: Lipstick For Your Feet

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Sheer genius! That’s what I’ thought after seeing these heels by Alberto Guardiani. If it weren’t for the colored lipstick heel, then it would just be another boring black patent court shoes. But lo and behold, this is ART at its finest! 😈

I first caught sight of these shoesies when they’re worn by The Blonde Salad herself, Chiara Ferragni. Yes, I am a big fan of her blog. I adore her shoe collection and her Balenciaga bags! Back to the look, isn’t it amazing how it grabs all the attention in a subtle yet striking way. Surely, when you see this being worn out in the streets it will make you look back again and stare at it forever!

Go pick your shade and strut them out! 😉

Would you dare wear red pumps? 😈

I’ve done a bit of research and a pair costs around £300-400+ depending on the online luxury shopping site you’re browsing.

Shoe designers are definitely making a big name for themselves and we’re all loving it!