Halloween ’12!

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Halloween ’12!


Spooooky! 😈

Here’s what I wore to the Halloween costume party here in our city. I dressed up as Beetlejuice (Betelgeuse) whom I don’t know much about to tell you frankly. I still went for it anyway, not much effort when it comes to outfit since I already have the stripe leggings from PINKaholic. Btw, it’s quite a steal. The original ones from Black Milk costs so much more than what I bought mine for. Back to the outfit, finding the stripe buttondown top was such a breeze. I didn’t struggle hopping from one online shop to another. Sooo ready a week before the party. Too bad I forgot one vital part in my costume, the black f*cking necktie!! How could I forget??? Bummer! Anyhoo, I won’t make this post too long, I got nothing to say anyway. Teehee! :mrgreen:

I tried to go all the way with the hair and make up. Teasing + lots of hairspray aaaaand it’s finished!

Make up was done in a rush too. It was about 15 minute touch up at Steph’s car before we went out. What do you think about our looks? Achieve?! 

How did you spend Halloween? Who were you dressed as? 


I might post this one on Lookbook’s contest called Spookbook just because. It’s a done deal that I lose anyway but I guess joining won’t hurt right?!


Stay wicked!