Halloween Going Lightly

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This year was one heck of a Halloween party. I’ve thought about what I would wear for the longest time and I was choosing between going as Morticia Addams or Audrey Hepburn’s character Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The two options may be different in more ways than one but the only thing they have in common is that I can wear an LLBD with it. By LLBD, I mean Little but Long Black Dress. Yes, I just made that stuff up so forgive my shallow attempt at making a pun. Haha!



 I didn’t mean to make an all-out effort in this costume but thanks to boyf’s creativity, we had our series of DIY projects that completed my props and stuff. Participating on this annual party has become our ritual. It’s his second time and my 3rd time to attend the said event. I went as Black Swan on my first and Beetlejuice on my second. What’s fun about it is that it is prolly the only time where people in Butuan are up for the challenge. Everyone is game and eager to dress up. The costumes are getting scarier each year I tell you.


What do you think? Was I able to achieve my peg?!


After I had my hair and make up done (Thanks Jenny!), we had an impromptu shoot to document what I’m wearing not just for Lookbook but for blogging purposes so as not to waste the effort. Lucky me for having a boyfriend who supports my thing. Teehee! 😉


Clumsy enough to forget the pearl necklace during the shoot. I was in such hurry I didn’t have time to prepare! The sun was setting already by the time we’re taking photos. Hello strobing again!


I may not have the Kardashian tush but the dress served me well. It was the key piece that made me go for this look. I almost won the Vogue Award. Almost. Hoho! 🙄


We went as Jason Voorhees and Holly Golightly. 

P.S. It’s my first time to buy a MAC lipstick (loser me) and I’m in looove. I only applied this Riri Woo once and it lasted the whole night. Thumbs up!

I had a chance to have a photo with the multi-billionaire superhero Tony Stark! Lol!

The fallen angel Lucifer dropped by fresh from hell. Haha! He got the most coveted What the Hell award and won 7 grand. Coolio!

Our friends are dressed to the nines as well. See the whole set of photos HERE.


Congratulations Boy’s Beer and Wine Room for another successful event!


Til next Halloweeny!

Stay wicked!