Hear Me Roar

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Hear Me Roar

New collection is up! Absolutely digging the new stuff I grabbed from PINKaholic’s latest collection.. What items did you buy?! 

Didn’t have soft copies of the photos so excuse the watermarks.. Are you bothered with my yellow lepsh??! 😆 

A whole day city-wide blackout is keeping me from doing my thing today. I did get to do some internet stuff and such but the lappy died on me after a good 2 hours… The doggies Amber and Penguin are there to amuse us of course! Yes, I was quite unproductive today so what did I do? I slept the whole aftee so by the time the electricity’s back, I’m alive alert awake! Haha! :mrgreen: This is just a quick post. I have to get busy with work and a little packing up too since Steph and I will fly to thrilla Manila tomorrow. Early morning flight. Huhu!!! 😥


By the way, I’m so happy with the new LB account. I got a message from my old one and it said: “Hello, I noticed your account omg, don’t you think your account is messed up? I mean you never get more than 260 hype, it might be an error, you should contact lookbook! because I have the same problem and I have more than 2600 fans and I never get onto the Hot page! you should!

Awww… I’ve been getting similar comments and messages and that simply urged me to start over. Everyone’s so sweet in Lookbook. It’s an inspiring community I’d say!


Stay wicked!