Hello My New Yellow

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Hello My New Yellow

New shoes? You betcha!

Yup! This yellow thing has been a recent fave of mine because of its uber comfy feel. Yes, they are comfy. Make that comfy-est among all my pairs. I’ve worn them last Friday night, much like doing a test ride. Haha!

I wasn’t really feeling them the first time I laid my eyes on this pair, BUT when my feet slided in, it was comfy as heck! It is because of the double strap. It secures your feet in a way that the shoes don’t get wobbly when you walk in them.

 I am always on a shoe high! I’m an addict… Geeez! :mrgreen:

Do they remind you of Fendi’s double strap splice wedges? Coz’ they look like one!

 Weird! 😈