How I Spent the Long Weekend

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How I Spent the Long Weekend

Almost everyone on Facebook has been uploading photos on where they were, what they ate, and basically how they spent the long weekend or the Lenten season. Mine was just so so but I feel like sharing….whatev!

Wednesday, after the PINKaholic photoshoot, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday were still ‘work’ days for me. It’s my way of making up for the wholeday Wednesday absence. Consider that as catch up time. By then, Black Saturday came. Boyfie’s family opted to go to the beach to unwind and eat…..a lot! And drink a lot too! That’s what I like about holidays, it is a decent excuse for pigging out. Speaking of pigging out, we had lechon baboy! For international readers (granted that I do have, a lechon is a “roasted pig” which can be best described as a sinfully good (food?!),  I don’t have any idea what to call it. Basta! Haha! 😆

P.S. Aren’t Christians supposed to be fasting on the pork thingy until Easter? Somebody enlighten me with all the rituals! Haha!

Excuse the no-makeup look. Beach isn’t the place to go on “full make up” peg! A shaped and tamed eyebrows — that’s all I need….really! Lol!

Taadaah! That’s the lechon I’m talking about as presented by my partner in crime!

Goofing around with my beeby! :mrgreen:


Wish I could show you the beach and brag about how peaceful and clear the water was that time but no photos for now. Now I’m blaming myself for not documenting ‘properly’ as I should have. Boooooo! How about you?! How did you spend your weekend?!


Stay wicked!