How Soon is Now?

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How Soon is Now?

 Cross print buttondown top, PINKaholic. Gold shorts, The Second Shop. Lisbon wedges, Topshop. Gold collar necklace and spike ring, OASAP. Gold belt, Forever 21.


Look of the Day — Black-gold combo ftw! 😆

Black buttondown and a pair of seriously gold shorts – the rest is a breeze! Easy to accessorize too. I simply grabbed all the gold stuff I have and that’s about it!

You could pawn me at the nearest pawnshop with all the golds I’m wearing! Haha! But no…they’re all for the sake of fasyown. Nothing of value in here! 🙄

Ponytail once in a while keeps me from posing with my left hand toying with my hair. It has become a habit. Hate! 👿

Boyf told me I look like a devout Christian with all the crosses imprinted on my shirt. Sooo mean! Teehee! The sleeves are probably a mile long so good thing it has button that I could scrunch and roll up securely.


With regards to the title, do you guys remember t.A.T.u? They’ve revived How Soon Is Now by The Smiths. I’ve been getting quite nostalgic of the 90s music. The song just popped out of my head. LSS of the day! 😕


Sareeeeh for the quick post today. Hope you like my LOTD!


Stay wicked!