How to Make Any Clothing Look Good

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Is there a secret to looking good in your clothes? Do you have to have a size ten body to create that
wow impression? How do the top plus sized models achieve looks that many real life plus sized
women only dream off?

The answer? It’s what you wear under your clothes that really has the big impact and encourages
compliments from those around you.

Nothing looks worse than ill fitting clothes, lumps and bumps that threaten to spill out of your
trousers and lines that show up where there should only be smoothness and style.


Getting your underwear right can make a real difference to how your clothes hang on your figure.
If you are hoping to wear something tight and figure hugging, the right shapewear should hopefully
give you the confidence boost to pull on the lycra.

If you’re hoping to mask a muffin top, or achieve a line free look, buying the correct undergarments
will be a massive help in creating the end result that you’re looking for.

Different styles of underwear offer a range of quick-fix confidence-boosting solutions for
your ‘problem’ areas. Corsets help to create the sought after hour glass figure, a well fitting slip can
give an elegant finish to a simple dress and body shapers and panty girdles can shift those stubborn
inches, removing a muffin top and improving the finished look.


Good underwear can increase confidence and give you the nudge to wear outfits that normally
wouldn’t get into your shopping bag. Quality fabrics will improve the comfort of the garment, and
as popular home shopping company Isme shows us, shapewear isn’t just Bridget Jones-style big
knickers anymore, shapewear that is also figure defining can be seductive and sexy at the same time.