How to Pack for a Staycation

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With cash ever tighter, many people are opting to ‘staycation’ in the UK, as a cheaper summer holiday option.

There’s a myriad of fantastic destinations to choose from in the UK, whether it’s a romantic city break or a family friendly beach break that you’re after. Or maybe you want to explore some of the UK’s amazing countryside? Whatever type of holiday you choose, the UK is no poor man’s option.

Packing for the temperamental UK climate, however, can prove difficult. Even in the height of summer, the UK can see wind, rain and chills, which can make choosing a holiday wardrobe a tricky task.

Here are some essential items for any staycation suitcase:


Layering really is key in the battle against the British elements. Take t-shirts that can be layered with fine knitwear, including men’s cardigans and jumpers, to keep warm if the temperatures drop.

A light cardigan is always useful, even if just for popping on in the evenings or using to sit on on the grass or the beach. It will fold up to next to nothing in a case or bag, but will be worth its weight in gold should the weather take an unexpected turn for the worse – as it can often do in this country!


Cotton is a fantastic fabric that will keep you cool and comfortable in warm weather, but covered when it turns cooler. Cotton chinos for men and linen trousers for women are great for days when the weather is changeable and you don’t want to risk shorts or a skirt.

Choose muted colours for a fashion forward way to wear lightweight summer trousers.


Leggings can be a suitcase saviour for women, as the addition of a pair of leggings to a summer dress can make it perfectly wearable on greyer days. Add a lightweight knit and some pumps and you’ve got the perfect cool summer day outfit.

The Maxi

The maxi dress is another versatile summer buy. It’s ideal for daytime wear with a cropped jacket when the sky is cloudy. A simple maxi also makes a great evening outfit, with the addition of jewellery and either embellished sandals or wedges to add height.


Humble pumps are a fantastic ‘all weather shoe’. Choose cool cotton canvas and they’ll allow your feet to breath while sightseeing and exploring. They will also keep your feet dry in those unexpected summer showers. They’re also lightweight, and can be squashed flat to make room in a case.

You’ll find slip on plimsolls in a variety of styles for just £8 a pair at George at ASDA. A great value holiday buy!


Essential for keeping off the rain and an extra layer of warmth – and also great if you’re planning on visiting any theme parks during your break! Raincoats are lightweight and take up no room at all, so there’s no excuse for getting caught out!

The last thing you want to be lugging around the UK is a huge suitcase. Head to George at ASDA to find all the necessary clothing, making you pack light this summer and you’ll enjoy your staycation no matter what challenges the great British weather may throw at you!