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Look of the Day – WORLD BALANCE, a popular brand for your active lifestyle and sports footwear for men, women and kids has sent me a pair of shoes which are perfect for afternoon runs and dogwalks.


Sports bra, tank top, and yoga pants, Forever 21. Convertible bag, Parachute Bags. Shoes, World Balance.




Who says you can’t be active and fashionable at the same time? These barbie pink kicks are so cute I’m almost hesitant to take them out for a test drive. I feel like displaying them in my room instead. Teehee!

I may not look (in any way) ‘athletic’ but I try to be active by going on a quick running sesh or doing yoga. I make it a point to do those two at least once a week, granted the weather is good. That’s the farthest I’d go activity-wise. Lol!  😆


Since I rarely post sporty pegs, allow me to bomb you with photos:



This backpack from Parachute Bags is convertible. A good option for women who are always on the go. Just a few zips and twists then it transforms itself into a tote.


My World Balance shoes. Great aesthetics at an affordable price!


Looove my Hyper Tracks!


Also available in blue-green color combo.


Now I’m giddy to stroll with Amber again. Hope you like it! 😉




Stay wicked!