I Am a Black Bullet

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Look of the Day — One trend that I’ve been obsessing on aside from the black and white or peplum would have to be the skater skirts. It never fails to let out ooohhs and aaahs everytime I skim through Lookbook and other blogs. Do you guys dig it too?!


“Can you deal with the hallucination? 
can you steal the hallucination?
i can hear and feel all that you’re thinking
can you deal with the hallucination? 
when i’m drowning in the sea, i am 
when you’re looking down at me, i am 
when i’m walking in the streets, i am a bullet 
when i’m looking and i find, i am 
when i’m purer than the sky, i am 
when i’m fucking with your mind, i am a bullet”


Cross print buttondown top, PINKaholic. Oxblood skater skirt and watch, Vaintage. Bronze 99 Two, Jeffrey Campbell.



When it comes to skirts, I have always leaned towards the bodycon and fitted type. But after wearing one skater skirt, it became my overnight favorite. I have forgotten how comfy and sorry for the lack of terms, “liberating” it is. It has that certain fresh factor to it which I love love love. Teehee! :mrgreen:


Wearing A-line dresses or skirts are something that I was wary of trying out. Although it does nice to one’s figure, I’m afraid my skinny chicken legs would be emphasized. Again, maybe it’s all about proportion. If you’re comfortable wearing it then I don’t see any reason why we should keep ourselves from donning what we think looks good.


Speaking of skirts, I was having a hard time picking which one among the bunch Vaintage was selling. They must’ve circle skirts in all variety — polka dots, plain, and this cute one with a laser cut hem. Now, you can pretty much see online shops selling them for as low as PHP250-500.

P.S. My watch and accessories are from Vaintage too!


If you’re keen to try this trend, I suggest you buy in print or color that’s easy to match but eye-catching at the same time. How about neon, graphic print, oxblood (like what I’m wearing here), or stripes? 😉


Today’s outfit was inspired by Chloe Ting. Love how she can wear shortest of shorts or skirt and pair them up with chunky JC boots!


What do you think?!


Meet 99 Two. It’s 7-inches high (I think) in bronze leather.



Stay wicked!