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Look of the Day — Excuse the crude attempt at making a funny title. Anyhooo, prints, feathers, and colors are the theme for today’s festive look. It is fun and it screams summer all over!


Bandeau top, Binkydoodles. Circle skirt, PINKaholic. Suede booties, Topshop. Studded waist belt, Forever 21. Accessories, Craftydetails.



Bandeau tops are everywhere this season. I’ve had this top for more than a week now and I got caught thinking of ways on how to wear it without looking too plain or boring. I went for skater skirt/bandeau top combination. This black skirt never fails and it is prolly one of the wise buys I made last year. I’ve paired it with buttondowns and bustiers (seen in my past looks). 


Festive, being the descriptive word for today’s look, inspired me to inject a heavy dose of colors into my looks. You might’ve been bored with the monochromes so I figured it is time to take a (rather short) break.


I’m totes head over heels with this bandeau top! I’ve seen it being worn by other bloggers so having the opportunity to wear one too is kind of an honor. Many thanks to my friend behind the Binkydoodles brand. I’ve been a fan of her works ever since. And uhmm, let’s not forget the dress she customized for me too. Thank you Binky! 😉


Given that there’s a detailed bow-tie at the back, it is amazing how boyf managed to tie it up without ruining the whole ribbon concept. Still looks decent to me. Never mind the moderate (dextro)scoliosis though! 🙄



The Philippines is a giant oven at this moment so time to avail the “less is more” mantra when it comes to dressing up. Teeehee!



Hope you like today’s look!

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Stay wicked!