I Call Them Flatforms

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I Call Them Flatforms

Who’s down for some cute brown? 😈

Lusting over the some flatform-y shoes for a while. Finally! I get to have my own pair. They’re not actually flat, but still I call them flatforms. I just dont care! Haha!

I’m on a shoe high once again! And uhm….yeah this is my trademark pose, I think I should go patent it FOR ME ONLY! πŸ‘Ώ

The wooden heel isn’t exactly “wooden”. Although they still give you that click clacking sound each time you take a step. They are also a bit wobbly too. It heightens your risk of tripping whilst walking…..not good! πŸ˜•

The t-strap and color is simply adorable! If only I could wear them as much as I want to…

I felt the need of putting these babies to some sort of a road test the very day I got them. Unfortunately, I tripped while walking on 8th street’s not-so-high-heel-friendly road. And it happened not just once, but effin’ twice! Talk about EMBARASSING! All I could do was to head down to the gate and go straight inside the house without looking back. 😳

I’m waiting for another batch of  new shoesies. Yay! I’m such a grateful mother of these babies! Haha! 

Til next shoe blogging post!