I Like You Lots, Polka Dots!

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Look of the Day — Allow me to start this post by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR! I had a blast with my holiday and I hope you guys did too.


“I like you lots,
Polka dots,
Some desire in your thoughts,
Thinking of you,
Dreaming of us…”


Dress, FEMMEX. Satchel bag, East Clothes. Drop earrings, Forever 21. Spike wedges, DAS.



Year 2013 has drawn to a close but if I remember correctly, it was as awesome as I hope it would be. Sure it was tough, filled with a ton of setbacks but I’m glad that (at the end of the year) I am able to look at the bright side of things. It doesn’t always happen this way so please let me bask under the sun of positivity.

Let’s start the year fresh and with a clean slate, shall we?


I have reserved this ootd in time for the new year. You can tell I’m trying to be in lieu with tradition. Not that I follow such but I just thought it is fun. Why not!


If you’re reading this, I am giving you a virtual pat on the back and I guess a virtual hug too for keeping up with this blog despite my lapses and backlogs. I couldn’t thank my readers enough (granted I have one) for the unwavering support. You guys are the best and yes, I consider you all my friends. You’re all too kind! 😉


Here’s to another adventurous year ahead! Are you with me? Thanks for the love!



Enjoy the start of the year! I’m keeping this post short since I still have a lot left to do. Safe to say, I had the best holiday break. It was hectic but in a good way. Can I just say guilt-free too? I manage to stick with my do-something-active-every-week routine!


Stay wicked!