I Need Your Love

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Look of the Day – The love affair with snapback continues. I always feel like I’m some kind of a badass when wearing one. Lol!


Muscle top, GIFI. White pants, PINKaholic. Snapback, DC.


“I need your love
I need your time
When everything’s wrong
You make it right
I feel so high
I come alive
I need to be free with you tonight
I need your love…”


Not meaning to sound too possessive or attached, it’s just a song title. Lol! However, I’d openly admit into being bordering needy at times (to the point that it becomes annoying mind you). I have no idea where that problem stems from. There’s a scary feeling that radiates from the thought of being alone. As I’ve said, it’s not about being all by yourself. Being alone is far from not having company physically, it’s more like a feeling. I cannot expound it further so I’ll leave that topic hanging, okay? 😉


Isn’t it a sigh of relief to take a break from all those dressy posts I’ve posted and just wear something laidback and casual? Boyf’s collection of caps was surely put to good use and I concur. Glad I still managed to conduct a shoot despite the allergies I got last week for eating seafood. Little did I know I have an allergy on shrimps and such. Upon googling it, yes it is possible to acquire it at such a late onset. Pssshhh!


Loving this army green colored tee. GIFI sent me 6 muscle tees the other week and I’m still contemplating on how to style them. First look done, few more?! Whew! Steph and I agreed to giveaway some with the online shop owner’s consent. Watch out for it! 


Whenever unsure on how to pair colors, a white bottom is my ultimate go-to choice be it pants, shorts, or skirt.


Hope you like today’s look!


Stay wicked!