I Want To Be Forever 21!

In Fashion, Shoes by Wicked Ying


Forgive the title. Sounds awkward and way out of context with what I’m writing about but who cares anyway.

What comes to your mind when you hear Forever 21? I’m thinking all about tank tops…tons of them!

But this one’s a bit different. I got myself a gray suedette pumps courtesy of Sssteph! New color, new style, same happy feeling whenever I have a new pair of kicks! :mrgreen:

They’re size 6 but I bet there’s nothing a half cork won’t solve. They fit me well now. Yey! Yes I’m on a shoe high! :mrgreen:

I love the contour/arch of the heels. It makes me think they’re half stiletto half wedges.

Can’t wait to incorporate these new babies on my future looks. 😉

More shoes to come.. Stay tuned!