In Deep Thoughts

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Random thoughts in motion

1. Excited to go on a quick summer vacay! (B-E-A-C-H)

2. Will I be able to complete my 365? Apparently, I’ve started to hoard looks for the upcoming days…  😉

3. Where do I want to travel next?

4. I’m full..after our pigging out (pizza, macaroni, fries, garlic stix, coolers!)

Yeah that’s me and my lazy pose. I really like how my hair looks here, it’s brown and wavy. 

5. Why am I posting this kind of nonsense on my site?

6. Rubbish! Favorite word lately..

7. I love the weather today.

8. Work later, which project first?

9. Coffee twice a day makes me hype!

10. Of course, Charcoal Monkey and these sites he’s been so busy tinkering til the wee hours…

Yes, we’re serious at times..

But we know how to have fun too! Thanks babe! 😈