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Look of the Day — Can my look get any more floral than this? I bet not. I’m going on an all out floral look thanks to this wreath. Interesting cut + fit and flare and this dress got me sold! So, what’d you think?!


Floral cutout dress, Inlovewithfashion. Transparent heels, OASAP. Floral wreath, Bubbles. 



This dress came in one size too big. With a little nip and tuck, the fit turned out fine. I really like the design of this one, I know I just had to get it.


I’ve been checking ILWF’s site time again for new arrivals. Their crazy sales are uh-mazing as well! I’m quite sure you’ll be tempted to buy a piece or two. Plus, the code wickedying25 gives you instant 25% off on regular priced items.


Beachy (unruly) hair seem to suit the whole look. We girls love volume, right? My waves can be easily achieved via styling cream and no-brush after shower. Voila!


The brand is all about cutouts, seriously. If you check their stuff out, you’d find each and every piece a “must have”. Haha! Excited to post more of my Inlovewithfashion goodies with you. I got three dresses. Spell amazeballs!!



Fave heels. I really like wearing these but I’m afraid that I might ruin these babies if I use them too often.


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Stay wicked!