Inner Goddess

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Inner Goddess

Lemon asymmetrical dress, LOVE. Lisbon shoes, Topshop.


Look of the Day — The dress exudes flowy and ethereal feel, doesn’t it?! 😉


Clothes from LOVE never cease to give you that extra and much needed oomph! Have you checked their site yet? Their new arrivals are uh-mazing! I’m planning to make another wishlist soon.. Teehee! I heart LOVE!!!

I’ve paired it with loads of gold accents to compliment the dress. Trying to achieve that goddess peg.. Lol! Whatcha think? 😕

That’s it for today’s look! I didn’t get to post a lot this past week since I’ve been dealing with tons of stressors lately. I’m coping with something far more serious than I thought it was. Hmmm… I miss my old carefree self! But everything’s fine, maybe I just need to go get a life and chill the F out. So here goes nothing! 😆


Are you guys up for another blog giveaway? I’m thinking of giving it another go! Heeeee!


I have a helluva lot things in my mind right now. I’m too caught up with my upcoming trip to Cebu. Dang, I need to save up! 😡 Can’t wait to meet up with my fellow bisdak bloggers again. Vanessa has something for meh! I’m intrigued! And oh, let’s not forget about the food too. And shoes?! Urrrrggghhhh, diz izzz gon’ be fun! 😈


Stay wicked!