It’s a Shoeicide!

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It’s a Shoeicide!


Well, well, well… Somebody just ate my shoes! Who? Meet the culprit! 👿

It’s dog-shaming time! The name is Penguin a.k.a the shoe-eater in our pack of dogs. I don’t mind that this dog has already eaten some of my ballet flats and countless slippers in the household but this…….this has got to be the most heart-wrenching incident ever happened! 😥


Believe me, I’ve experienced firsthand what it feels like to deal with loss of something that’s important. Well, maybe not in an extent that we’re talking about people. What I mean is something that has value; something we treasure. I’m not the one that can easily let go of things. Since childhood, I have never ever dealt with destroyed shoes nor worn-out slippers. I usually outgrow them eventually. But back to the topic, this particular pair of Jeffrey Campbell is as precious as a gem for me. It is my hard-earned money that I decided to spend with my eyes closed defying all justifications that I could muster to NOT buy it. I remember telling myself that I could buy at least 3 new pairs of kicks with its price but I wasn’t so fazed with that fact. I bought them anyway. That being said, you could just imagine how low I felt upon discovering the aftermath of the Penguin brouhaha. All I could think of is “Yes, that’s my $155 right there.. Gone! Great!”. So much about the consider your shoes as an investment mantra. I just went bankrupt in an instant! 😕

The grieving process began to set in the moment I woke up and found out about it. I couldn’t blame the dog. Why would I? I was the drunk one who was too dizzy to even remember where my own bag was. The bag was left in the front porch — where the dogs have an all access pass! The JCs were stuffed rather haphazardly inside the bag and it wasn’t even properly closed. Yep, the shoes were in the bag because I have changed into flats early on. I can’t deal walking in heels that long.

For nurses, we all know DABDA right?! It is the stages we undergo when we deal with any kind of loss. DABDA stands for denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. 

Denial — this happened when I woke up and realized what happened. Petrified was the word to describe the look on my face!

Anger — I wanted to choke the dog! Haha.. Kidding! I couldn’t look at Penguin that time. I came out of the porch seeing the heel, the suede, and all the scratch marks and then all of a sudden the dog comes up to you and act as if nothing happened. Grrrr…. But one thing is for sure, she is guilty as heck! She scours away everytime we try to shove the poor Perfect2 to her face. That’s her conscience talking!

Bargaining — Thoughts run through my head like “I wish I hadn’t changed into flats so the dog would eat the flats instead of the JCs” or “I wish I had worn the not so nice shoes that time so I wouldn’t be as devastated as I am now!” or “Can we just hit rewind pretty please?

Depression —  I checked on Solestruck and Nastygal with high hopes that the Perfect2 in black suede is still available in my size. I was so determined to buy them again that I stopped being rational. Unfortunately (or fortunately), they’re out of stock. I have searched everywhere, all to no avail. The only thing that’s in their site is the one in red color and stars/stripes. I have had enough reds and US flag stuff already. The black ones were well, as they were named, Perfect! 

Acceptance — What I can do at the moment was to simply hit the “Notify me!” button just in case there’s a restock happening soon. So long Perfect2, it was nice wearing you. You’re the comfiest pair ever, that’s why I always tow you with me during trips. Til we meet again! I’m gonna find you.. Swear!!!

P.S. If you know any online shop that sells Perfect2 in black suede, lemme know! 😉


I can’t believe I’ve injected enough drama on this “tragic” event. Thanks everyone for the (shall we say) condolences you said on Twitter and Facebook. I’ve learned my lesson the hard way. It’s devastating! Oh well, least I could do is to suck it up and move on. Meanwhile, looking at the bright side of things, I have ordered more JC babies during Solestruck’s Black Friday sale. I’m guarding tooth and nail on these new ones. That’s for sure!


Stay wicked!