It’s Pink and It’s Silk

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It’s Pink and It’s Silk, a match made in heaven!

I hear shoooooes! Yes! Shoes! New shoes! :mrgreen: 

You know I’m not a very big fan of the color pink but seeing this pair online makes my ears clap and my jaws drop! Colors available are pink and black, so choosing what to buy between the two was a no brainer. Black was so so while the pink one was bam!

They’re quite hard to pair an outfit with, right? Any suggestions? 😕

Did some touch ups with the photos.. Some vignetting, sharpening, and of course, my Wicked Ying watermark! Teehee! 😈

My shoe blogging post won’t be complete without my “I’m on a shoe high” pose!


Entertaining thoughts of buying one?   Give in!

Trust me, they’re cute! You feel extra girly and feminine wearing them! 

A dead ringer of H&M’s green cork block heels don’t you think?

Til next shoe blogging post!