It’s Red and It’s Suede!

In Fashion, Shoes by Wicked Ying

You love shoes? Same here! 😈

I collect shoes too, thrifted or bought online I try to buy them in different color, different style, different feel. I’m always after the “steal” than the “real” which explains why I have that much number of pairs.

Ordered a few pairs of shoes last time, only to find out that almost all are out of stock. Good thing one was available.

The fashionably cute crossed red shoes. Apparently, it doesn’t have a name. What I love about this is that first, it is red (and scorching!). Second, it has an x design at the front so even if they are not thong sandals, you still feel secure walking around in them. Third, they look amazing in broad daylight (wait til you see me wearing them in my future looks!). Fourth, it’s super chunky heels makes it super easy to walk around.

It’s design is a bit half wedge half platforms. So I am unable to classify as to which type they truly belong.

Shoes aside, did some vignetting with the photos. I find it more presentable that way. What do you think? If you want to buy your own pair, drop me a mail on Facebook here.

I am waiting for new ones to arrive. Want some clue?? Two words: Face and Wedge! 😈