iWhite Facial Cream Product Review

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A new set of goodies from iWhite Korea has arrived! Woot woot! I love that they included the whitening pack and the super fragrant Gluta Berry soap.  The product focuses on it’s best line yet, the whitening facial cream. I’m all about one product with multi-benefits and their facial cream line fits the description. It serves as a sun protection, moisturizer and a make-up base. An all-in-one day cream solution. It can’t get any better than that!


Here’s a little info about the iWhite Skin Whitening Vita Facial Cream:

4 FC


6 FC


So I did a little before and after photo of the product as seen in the photo below. Upon applying, the cream blends immediately and it doesn’t feel sticky at all. It is easily absorbed by the skin and it won’t make you look blotchy at all (unlike most creams) giving you an even complexion.


It leaves a silky smooth finish on the skin which is a great way to start before applying make up.


I am a certified user of this product way back and I still am. Thank you iWhite Korea!


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