iWhite Korea Nose Pack: Whiteheads And Blackheads Remover Review

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Stubborn whiteheads and blackheads? Be careful when removing them using a lancet. It can cause unwanted scars or enlarged pores. For safe blackhead/whitehead removal, follow these skincare tips:




Tadaah! Here are my weapons of choice! The Purifying Essence is meant to be used as a pre-Nose Pack serum because it unclogs your pores. It is recommended that after letting it sit on top of your skin after a minute, you can dab tissue to soak away the excess oil before using either the Nose Pack or the Whitening Pack or better yet, both. Blotting will also make the iWhite Nose Pack stick to the skin and dry up faster — doing this will make it more effective in pulling out debris of stuck comedones. I’ve noticed that putting the serum prior to the nose pack reduces the ouchy feeling when it is time to strip the mask off. 😉




Yep, that’s me putting on the nose pack after prepping with serum. Feel free to apply the nose pack thickly so it’s easier to remove afterwards. The one I’m holding in the photo is the new sachet version which you can use up to twice depending on how you utilize the content. Overall, the iWhite Nose Pack is almost the same as the whitening face pack (I reviewed before HERE). It has the same ingredients, consistency, and that cooling feeling upon application too. The only difference is maybe their line of action since the nose pack targets whiteheads and blackheads while the face pack is mainly for skin lightening and restoration.


If you want to try it, you can buy iWhite Korea products at your fave beauty stores like Watsons or Mercury Drug outlets.
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