iWhite Product Review

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Hello everyone! I am going to share with you a product that I have tried and used for quite some time before (during my college days). I was so happy when they emailed me asking if I’d be interested in conducting a product review. Have you guys heard of iWhite Korea? You might have seen their range of products at local beauty stores so allow me tell you something about them.


iWhite is a whitening skin care product formulated in Korea. It specializes not only in lightening the skin tone, but also in improving the overall texture of the skin through its moisturizing and rejuvenating natural plant extracts refined through Bio-nanotechnology. The brand is launched by Biocostech Philippines in the year 2004.


Here’s the complete range of iWhite products:



Now here’s what I got from them:



The iWhite Whitening Pack removes dead skin, deep-rooted dirt, and other skin impurities to instantly reveal a brighter and cleaner skin. 

6. active ingredients






Yes I have tried it for real! It feels cool to the skin while the mask dries off. A little tip, make sure that you apply the mask evenly on the face so it would be easier to remove it. 😀


The Aqua Moisturizing Cream is a water-based moisturizer refined by bio-nanotechnology, making it more potent to give your skin a more radiant and fairer complexion. Its particles are easily absorbed by the skin, leaving a refreshing and soothing minty feeling on your face. Its active ingredients cleanses and whitens your skin naturally.

I recently used this and true enough, it does leave a minty feeling on the face. This would be perfect for summer, don’t you think? I prefer using this during night time before going to sleep. It soothes the face after all my nighttime rituals.




Are you convinced to try it? I love it! If you’re as thrilled as I am, then good news for you girls out there. I’ll be hosting an iWhite giveaway thanks to Biocostech Philippines. You now have a chance to win a gift pack of iWhite products. Watch out for it! 😉


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