Juice Do It!

In Health by Wicked Ying


If you’re a picky eater (ehem, like me), chances are, you’re not getting all the nutrients that you need because of personal preferences. Our not-so-healthy choice have hindered us from getting all the good stuff. This is where juicing comes to the rescue! Have you tried it? As the article in my kit says, juicing helps you absorb all the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables.

Benefits include:

– a regulated and nourished colon

– increased energy and stamina

– increased mental clarity

– better sleep patterns

– radiant complexion, healthy hair and nails

– improved overall health


What is a juice cleanse or a detox? A detox is a diet plan that requires you to follow a particular diet over a certain period of time in order to cleans the body. Juice-only type regimens simply stipulate consuming unprocessed food (organic) and food high in fiber and water, while eliminating all sugar, salt, caffeine, and alcohol.


I have received 3 bottles of organic, cold-pressed, fresh fruit and vegetable juice from The Healthy Dose Juicery last week. I love it! I got Green Queen, Green Dose and Red Dose. The other green bottle isn’t in this set of photos because I gulped it down right after our yoga session. It was yummo! 😆


I find it hard to believe I drank all these veggie juice because (come to think of it) if it were served in a dish, I wouldn’t even bother to put it in my plate. Real talk here! Heeeee!

 I’ve tried asking around juiceries within the Philippines but unfortunately, they don’t ship to Butuan. It is understandable though because you need to consume it within 48 hours before the juice gets spoiled. For sure, it’s not as fresh anymore by the time they arrive. Soooo, that being said, I got excited when I had a short talk with the (entrepreneur Ate) Sheila thinking about offering juice products for the locals here. Yay!


100% Raw. Cold-pressed. Fresh Fruit and Certified Organic vegetable juices. No water. No Sugar. All Natural. Unpasteurized. The juice is alive!


For list of flavors, price list, schedule of deliveries, and other inquiries, feel free to email: thehealthydosejuicery(at)gmail(dot)com


Happy detoxing and stay wicked!