Just Got Featured!

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Chasing after my virtual life online has been a great adventure. Oftentimes, I feel like I am much more connected with people in the blogosphere and the interwebs than the real people I randomly meet or talk with in real life. Lately, it is quite a relief to have something to pour out my thoughts to, the brim never overflows.

Haven’t reached a quarter of a year yet and my posts are nearly reaching 80. Yes, I know I’ve been blabbing too much. I do not even know if my posts make sense to anyone or if anybody cares to visit the site, whatever!

As I was contemplating all about this, a high school friend, a batchmate gave me a bleep on my inbox. Said if I could answer a few questions for an interview. She’s planning on a feature article in her own blog in Tumblr. She published the two-part interview days, maybe weeks ago.

I should’ve posted this sooner but what the heck, I guess it’s never too late to share them for documentary purposes and for keepsake. My thanks to a former classmate for taking the time to do this despite her busy work schedule. I am indeed grateful.

Full details of the interview below:

Pt I: Interview with the Wicked(Ying)

Pt II: Interview with the Wicked(Ying)