Keep It Together

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Look of the Day — Flowy and airy look for today. This is probably as girly as I can get without wearing anything that’s fitted or short. Lol!



Off-shoulder top, Bubbles. Sequined shorts, bought from garage sale. Ankle strap heels, Forever 21. Feather necklace, Vaintage. 


“There is a voice inside of me, I don’t know
And all his words keep echoing a tremolo
I’ve been waiting for a sign to appear
He has a message waiting for me
But I don’t wanna hear
I promise
I swear
I can’t
I can’t keep it together…”



Keeping it together. I’ve been doing quite a lot now that the week has started. It prompts me to schedule everything ahead so by the time I’m in Manila for BU5, I have everything set and my bosses won’t be sending me questions about this or that. It is a challenge everytime I ask permission or simply letting them know. You know how I feel about authority figures, right? It is these times when you come to think and miss those carefree days; one when my friends and I can go about an impromptu trip and make it happen. We’ve tried hitching on big trucks just to get from point A to point B without spending a penny for fare. Or sleeping over at a complete stranger’s house because we ended up in a place that didn’t have a lodge or inn that we can spend the night in. Now, each of us are caught up with this thing called life.


Seriousness aside, I’m so happy Bubbles gave me this top. Not only does it have the chic off shoulder cut but it came in a jewel toned color which I like!


I’ve always worn tops by tucking them in. This time I tried letting it hang loose with an equally loose pair of shorts. I couldn’t think of a better way to pair these.  

Still unsure about the pairing? How about denim shorts? Sequined shorts? Bandage skirt? It’s a trial and error thing. You just have to know what works for you. Really.



My wub-wub Amber (the bomber). I cropped the first photo of her, you wouldn’t want to see her butt! I spent the entire Monday grooming this pittie. She’s still cute and adorable, even more so now that she smells like a baby. Haha!!  



I’ll be announcing who won my free passes for Bloggers United 5 later. I’ll post it in a separate post so keep yourselves updated dearies.



Stay wicked!