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Look of the Day — Back to basics with black and white and a hint of gold here and there. Have you joined the houndstooth hype yet? I’m so happy I get to buy 2 articles of clothing from (where else?) Pinkaholic. Uh-some!


Black buttondown top with studded collar, Forever 21. Houndstooth print peplum shorts, PINKaholic. Black pumps, Forever 21.


So what is it about me and monochrome lately? I’ve been wearing black and white pieces nonstop. I should be indulging myself in colorful pieces since summer is nearing but hey, I’m still stuck with the colors I know best. Haha! 😉


How do you wear printed bottoms? One way to wear prints is to pair it with something plain. You can try print on print but for someone who isn’t much of a risk-taker, wearing solid colors will do.


Speaking of plain tops, I added an extra detail — studs! Studded collars are too cute, it makes a rather plain top interesting to look at. What do you think? 😀



Also, I observed moderation in accessorizing. You know me. Accessorizing/Excessorizing isn’t my forte.


Silhouette + print + cut = perfect peplum shorts! Totally love the fit of these. Call me mean but I got extremely happy when a customer of PINKaholic decided to cancel her order of these shorts. Rushed the day after to their boutique to get it asap! Oopsie! 😳


And of course, the black pumps.



In other news, sorry for being MIA most of the time. I’m online but my blog’s gone blah. Although I try my best to post at least thrice a week, sometimes I go gaga over all things personal. I need to update my Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs or perhaps my list of priorities. It’s not that I’m busy, but it is the lack of diligence. Moreover, I would not prefer to post just for the heck of it. I need a constant push, a shot of motivation. We should not settle for mediocrity, just a thought.


Stay wicked!