Look 102: Connect the Dots

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Look 102

Connect the Dots

Black tube top, from my closet dump. Pink polka dot shorts, TheStyleMachine. Gray suede pumps, Forever 21.

Not sure if I repeated this title already but oh well..

Sporting my new gray pumps I got from Sssteph. Although size 6, they’re pretty much okay especially with the aid of a half-cork thingy. This is the first time I get to use them for my look so help me welcome this new baby! 😀 And oh, this bag, I got them during one of my thrifting adventures for Php100. Coolie!

Do you like the set? I call it our makeshift studio. Six pieces of black cartolina taped together to serve as the seamless background. Although it doesn’t look as seamless as it should be, it is a clever DIY by Charcoal Monkey himself. :mrgreen:

Nothing much to say about the outfit as I’m too enthralled with all the effects (and my purple smokey eyes too!). We made use of 3 remote flashes, one on my left which was responsible for the glare effect and two on my right. 😈

Thanks to my dutymates/groupmates/classmates/college friends for the pizza! I enjoyed catching up with them and all the chitchats as well.

More looks coming with this background, I hope it is okay with you!

Wicked Ying’s out!