Look 103: Sheer Meets Crochet

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Look 103

Sheer Meets Crochet

Sheer top with crochet details, Pinkaholic. Face wedges ala D&G, HeelAndSole.

I bet this sheer top would come in handy when used as a cover up rather than a top. Due to its see thru material, I decided to wear some bandage skirt underneath just to be safe. 😈

Utilizing my make up — a masterpiece of Jenny, the girl behind FashionSpotShoppe. Since I rarely put on make up, might as well shoot a ton of looks with it.

Not much to say, still busy cramming. Got lots of hours to catch up with my work.

The mailman always brings the best news, and by news I mean shoes!! 😈 I got 4 new ones…three heels and a floral lace-up oxford-ish looking flats.

Yay!!! :mrgreen: