Look 104: Back to Laidback

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Look 104

Back to Laidback

UK-sequined cropped top, from Dimmy’s. Denim shorts, bought in Cebu. Red crossed suede chunky heels, Love Jen.

Digging the top, but the shorts are killing me! They’re super tight, I even had trouble closing the button and zipper. Does that mean I gained weight? Yay! :mrgreen:

Wondering why I’m still on the same set up? Yes.. I got a bunch of looks in this set. That means I’m safe for a few days, maybe a week. These stock photos will keep me from cramming again.

Got some good news by the way, Pinkaholic will be releasing another collection called Worn To Be Wild. They will be featuring lots of cool stuff especially (insert drum roll here) animal prints! Yey! I swear I’d reserve lots of tops so I better get my wallet ready for some RAWR-ing! And after that, I might stop buying clothes (no not on shoes..only on clothes). I have quite enough of these impulsive/panic buying mania and I hate myself for not being able to control these spells! 🙄

Another crazy outtake. Why do I always look a bit “stupe” in photos? Hmmm… *thinking*

Will be setting up The Wicked Shop on this site….soon! I’ll be selling some of the stuff I have (clothes from previous looks). Would you buy them? 😀

Keep posted! 😈