Look 105: Cropped x Bandage

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Look 105

Cropped x Bandage

Animal print v-neck cropped top, thrifted. Bandage skirt, from Janine. Gray suedette heels, Forever 21.

A tragic thing happened yesterday. I was out on a thrifting adventure (I bought 2 bags by the way) with my buddies. I couldn’t find my wallet once I got home. It’s almost 11PM when I first noticed it so expectedly the ukay stalls were closed when I tried to check back in there again. I had a hard time putting myself to sleep last night because all my ID’s and cards were in that damn wallet! 😕

Good thing when I went there today, one of the stall owners recognized me and returned the wallet (with everything intact). Whew! Moreover, with an added luck on my side, I managed to score an authentic LV wallet (are you familiar with that cherry thingy print?) complete with serial number and stuff from the super-honest-stall-owner! Yay! :mrgreen:  

On a switch mode today. Kind of tired. Stressed out.

Sh*t happens.

That’s life.

Gotta go!