Look 107: Black x Red

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Look 107

Black x Red

Black bandage dress, bought from a friend. Red satin heels, Parisian.

Just two items (heels and dress) and voila, I got myself a formal-ish outfit. Haha! :mrgreen: This LBD is prolly the best fitting dress I own to date aside from those I designed. On the other hand, I don’t think one should stack a hefty amount of extra extra to make an outfit work. It goes to show I’m not really that fond of accessories. Let’s just say it’s not my best area when it comes to dressing up. :twisted: 

A badly cropped photo (see the white tips above my head?)

I still think this pair of satin-y heels are tad too formal. It’s the PHP500 peso tag that triggered an impulse for me to buy this particular pair. Other than that, there’s actually very little amour that I have for these shoesies. Would you like to adopt them? 😉
Running out of stock photos and fast! Should I continue the black backdrop? Or should I go wander into the streets of Guingona subdivision and catch some daylight shots?