Look 109: In My Lazy Pants

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Look 109

In My Lazy Pants

Gray blouse with ribbon cut-out details, Pinkaholic. Black trousers, from Keysa’s. Gray suede pumps, Forever 21. Burnt orange belt with gold-ish buckle, bought in Cebu (for PHP80 I think). :mrgreen:

Interesting details on the blouse right? The cut out, the bow on the front, the pendant-ish below the bow, the cut on the sleeve. Woohoo! Details galore! Grabbed this certain piece right away from Pinkaholic’s Bright Lights Collection.

These pants are ill-fitting when worn with flats! I tried it on so many times incorporating them into my daily wear but it all ends in an epic fail. Does it have to be as baggy-looking as it gets? Or should they be worn with heels? Crazy! I always knew loose pants and the harem types aren’t for me. It makes my leg gap so freakin’ obvious! 😥

Two more looks and this black backdrop will be gone….at least for a while. 😉

Oh! My friend will be uploading new items tonight on Chikasfashionista. You might find some cool tops and stuff so keep posted!