Look 111: The Bow and Layers

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Look 111

The Bow and Layers

Bow blouse, Pinkaholic. Layered shorts, local department store in Cebu. Blue suede pumps, Parisian.

What do you think? Tough time editing; hated the way I looked so stressed out in the photo. Imagine changing look after look after look. Whew! Thinking about it and I could go scream saying Noooooo! 

Were you fed up with the black backdrop? I’ll let it rest for a while as this is the last look with it.

So my site has been down for a good two days. It is a bit frustrating not to mention an added hassle on my part. iPage’s webhosting services has never been as impressive ever since I set it up.. Forgive the bad critique but I am just sharing my thoughts as a client. As you all know, a website’s uptime can influence your overall status. Therefore, that explains all the rage I’ve been tweeting at them.

It is indeed a miserable feeling not having to tinker with my daily blogging routine. It’s as if my day isn’t complete. I have a challenge to live up to! So yeah, bottomline is that it is frustrating as hell.