Look 119: Bluer Than Blue

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Look 119

Bluer Than Blue

Aqua blue 3-tone tube dress, Ole. Blue suede pumps, Parisian.

An XS dress and I’m done. It is a bad fit. But then again, I’m left with no choice. I’m thinking of including this piece into my “reselling some of my past looks” clothes. I know what you’re thinking, you’re prolly say I’m all chitchat. But I honestly hadn’t taken any photos of my stuff yet. So that’ll have to wait. 😕

Seeing this photo, I suddenly feel so BLOATED! Haha!

I need me some of this puhleeze! 😈

I had a blast with Sssteph last night, and we’re planning on something extra extra fun again. Soon!

Busy workweek ahead of me…. Toodles!

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