Look 121: Slits and Scallops

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Look 121

Slits and Scallops

Scallop top, Closetfreak. Black and white slit shorts with belt, Chu’s. Face wedges, Heel and Sole.

I’m a bit too tired today. Charcoal Monkey and I shot multiple looks OUTDOORS! Yay! 😀 Though it was scorching hot outside, we still managed to shot a few outfit posts. I’m saved! Stock photos all the way ’til mid month!

Don’t we all just love the effects of lens flare photos? Big thanks to Sssteph for teaching me how! Teehee! :mrgreen:

My ever favorite face wedges, I love you baby shoesies! I sooooo wanna wear you all the time (not just in shoots) but I just can’t! 🙁

I’m a bit hesitant if the look matches or not but oh well.. Whatev! *shoulder shrug*

Hello sunshine! I wish the weather would be like this the entire year….that would be effin’ awesome right?

Running out of things to say…

I better rush!