Look 122: Hello Boho

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Look 122

Hello Boho

Boho poncho-ish top, Chikasfashionista. Frayed denim shorts, bought in Cebu. Camel peeptoe booties, Parisian.

The second photo is a bit unsharp. I tried to save it from its dilemma but that’s all the touch up I could do. Forgive the “unsharp-ness”.

I’m sooo lovin’ this top I bought from my friend Jabel. It screams boho all over with its cute details and cinched underbust. What’s a girl to do? Pair it with frayed shorts and some tasseled booties! 😈

And that my friend is what you call a very rocky road (no not the ice cream flavor, I mean literally!) How awful! 😕

The stuff I wear are really cheap. Being not-so-particular with brand has its own perks. The boots? PHp500! Shorts? PHp200 or less. Bought them by bulk so I get to have a discounted wholesale price. Top? I forgot how much but it’s also less than PHp500.

Now what? It’s Friday night, where are you guys headin’?