Look 123: Quilts and Hearts

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Look 123

Quilts and Hearts

Hearts print sheer top, Chikasfashionista. Denim shorts, bought in Cebu. Brown flatforms, Love Jen. Brown quilted chain bag, thrifted.

Went out on a Friday night (I wore this shoes btw). Therefore, it simply means that I’m extra lazy than I already am today. All I wanted to do is lay in bed while eating my munchies (forget work!). Also, anyone here having trouble with their own bestfriend? And by bestfriend I mean their lappy. Err, I keep getting this errors and stuff everytime I edit photos be it Lightroom or Photoshop. Solution? Restart the laptop and start all over again! It gets on my nerves at times. 👿

I managed to save an outtake. I look mad  or pissed in all photos. Happens all the time!

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