Look 124: Meow

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Look 124


Printed sheer top, thrifted from Chikasfashionista. Bandage skirt, from Janine. Face wedges, Heel and Sole. 

Here I go again with the “mad man stare” on my Look 124. We shot this one on a sunny breezy afternoon alongside uninvited usiseras if you know what I mean. 👿  Now back to the look of the day, what I love about the top is the cute cats print, reminds me so much of MiuMiu’s collection. Dang those chunky-heeled shoes are cute!

Anyhoo, its Sunday and I’m still lay-zay! What are you guys doing? 😀

Here’s the “arte” pose!

Oh! Feel na feel lang! Haha! :mrgreen:

Gotta rush I’ll be up late tonight (will be tweeting much for sure!).

Toodles wicked people!