Look 125: As Floral As I Can Be

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Look 125

As Floral As I Can Be

Floral printed lace layered top, thrifted from Chikasfashionista. Gray cotton shorts, bought in Cebu. Floral wedges, Love Jen.

I’m writing this post on the wee hours of a Monday morning. 2AM and my work just ended. It amazes me how clear your train of thought is when working this late. Maybe because of the 11PM coffee break or my body clock is simply tweaked at a level far beyond my control. With nothing to do but to care about my own blog, I could think of a million things to do. Optimize, make a draft, post process photos, and such. I wanted to write (so bad) of something that isn’t about me or my look of the day. But what? I know I need me a good book. Must write. Soon enough I guess. 

Someone asked me to post a closer photo of this pair of wedges. Here you go.  

There’s always something about florals and laces that  makes you feel extra girly or feminine each time you wear them. And you must admit, it is quite true right? 

In love with this outtake. Can you see the details of the top? I was about to use this on the “look” but decided otherwise because the bokeh effect is too cute to be ignored and cropped. Thanks Charcoal Monkey! Smoochies! 😆

Great things do happen. Happy mode!

Meet up later with Butuan’s Enstyle Hall of Famers Sssteph and J-Mea.

See you girls! 😉