Look 134: DavCon Day 2

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Look 134

DavCon Day 2

Animal print top, Pinkaholic. Denim shorts. Cut out stilettos, bought in Davao. Black motorcycle bag, thrifted.

Another day at the DCPITAF. Different look, same animal print detail. Yeah! Charcoal Monkey took a whole body shot because I’m wearing the cut out stilettos we bought at Davao’s Chinatown. Lovin’ these new pair! I managed to survive a day struttin’ here and there with these on! 😉

And so, this is Day 2. Hung out with Cebu’s team. I’m slurpin’ some iced coffee while hubby’s getting inked up. 

With Ricky Sta. Ana! Coolie! 😈

With Crol’s Tattoo team! 😆

So guess who won the prestigious Tattoo of the Day award? Taadaah! 😈

I’m such a proud wifey! Hahaha!